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Ordering a 32 player TF2 server..
I won't mention the companys name here, but they offer a virtual dedicated server with these specs:

Single core: Perfect for 1-3 game servers or intense website.

* One full, dedicated HT CPU core (Nehalem or better)
* 1024 MB of RAM
* 100 GB of hard drive space
* 500 750 GB of InterNAP bandwidth transfer

Would all of these specs allow for a 32 player server running at 512 with no lag or resource issues?
SRCDS really isn't recommended to run on a VPS just because of shared resources. However, it is worth a shot I guess...
i know the company your talking about and I having one of there VPS. I run like 3 servers on it now and works great
Hmm users seem to like NFO's over priced VPS'
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
Haha, I like DMEHosting. Cheap VPS still with great quality.
Making me want to do game server VPS hosting... Lol
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
there pretty much the same price
in the normal case it's bad to run servers on vps but with these guys, it really doesn't matter, they sometimes have discounts on WHT, they for one allow customer kernels and they allow the option to have it so they'll help you with the game server creations

edit: dang notice they either bumped up the prices today or yesterday, an increase of like $8 just on the single core package

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