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[SOLVED] Left 4 Dead 2 Server crashing on map load
Hi all,

Server OS: Debian Lenny 64bit
Processor: 6 on a virtual machine
Ram: 6GB
Game(s): L4D2
Start Up Command: screen -A -m -d -S modka2-server ./srcds_run -port 27018 -console -game left4dead2 -autoupdate
Admin Mods: Sourcemod, Metamod
GCC Version: gcc (Debian 4.3.2-1.1) 4.3.2
glibc version: ldd (GNU libc) 2.7
Kernel: 2.6.32-bpo.4-amd64

I got following issue which is quite weird to say the least, especially I couldn't find anything related to it on the internet.

My Debian Lenny server randomly - but quite often - crashes on map load if I got something running which sends rcon commands to the server. After I turned off these programs, e.g. HLSW or the HLStatsx CE daemon, they are starting fine.

If I disable rcon access for HLStatsX the servers work just fine, but I would like to use rcon to get HLStatsX or similar things to work.

So when there is HLStatsX running, the server crashes with a segmentation fault (debug.log already sent). Some investigation showed the crash appeared in sv_rcon.cpp which only gave me the direction to look for something related to that. You can imagine how confused I was when even fresh installed servers crashed (HLStatsX was running then).

Did anyone have the same issues or know how I can solve that problem?
[EDIT] Solution:

Setting sv_logfile to 0 seems to solve the problem. However, I got no idea, why...
Same problem here, same admin mods, CentOS 5.x, I've seen some servers running fine with HlStatsX CE (Marvelous gaming servers), but I don't know if they use windows or linux.

Disabling logaddress_add ip:port make it stable again.
From my experience, I'd say that deleting the log address doesn't solve the problem, because it's rcon requests sent during mapload which crash the server.

Either way it's quite annoying, because, as you said, there are quite many HLStatsXCE users who don't have any problem at all Sad

I'm the owner of the marvelous gaming servers. You are mistaken if you say that HLStatsX works fine for me Smile The only thing I have is logaddress_add ip:port. I'm not running the hlstatsx sourcemod plugin and I don't allow hlstatsx ce to sent rcon commands to the server because if I do the servers will crash like every 30 minutes.

However you said that sv_logfile 0 seems to fix that problem, so I'm gonna try it again myself on 1 server to see if it fixes it, thanks Smile

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