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Windows 100tick issue

We are running a 100 tick server on a dedicated 20Mbit pipe.

The server box specs are Dual E5520 Xeon (16 cores) with 16GB of ram... shouldn't be any hardware issues.

Ill see if I can get a video up.
We're running 2008 server from a rented box. I HAD it running at 1000 fps, but they did some update and killed it somehow.

I won't bother with the round-about way I got it to do that. But now I can't get it to give me anything more than 66 tick on the net_graph 3. I get 66 in and 101 out.

We are the only ones on a Dual Xeon Quad with 4 gigs of ram. I have 100 mb network connection as well. This is an awesome data server.

Can someone help me get this working again? I'm using metamod and loading mani admin internally.

HELP Smile


are you sure its set to 100tic I know when I missed with the tics I got a similar problem
(06-14-2010, 02:01 PM)Svpernaut Wrote:  are you sure its set to 100tic I know when I missed with the tics I got a similar problem

Well I have the -tickrate 100 fps_max 0 set in the command line. And again, it WAS running 100 tic in and out until they did some Windoz update to the server box. I think it changed something about the network. This is a 100 megabit connection. No reason it shouldn't be able to run 10 100 tic servers.

How do gaming centers set their servers up to do 100 tick even running windows? There has to be something I'm missing. What else do I need to set to 100 to get 100 tic?

Any help? ANy other ideas?
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