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How many player will my server handle
I have plans to build a server with the following specs.

A64 3200+ Socket 939
1024MB DDR400
80Gb 7200Rpm Sata
Running a 2.6 Kernal
Connected via 100Mbit link

I was hoping to be able to run 3 16 player CS Source server on this.
Also hoped to run Teamspeak server and Manimod.

Is 1GB of ram enough to run this? Is it lacking in any other area?
Back in the days of DOD (not source) we were able to play with 16 people on a Dual 1.2, 1GB RAM, and 100MB connection. Anymore than that would cause a significant amount of lag.

In the end, we started leasing servers which perfomed much better.

hope this helps...
Its connected via 100mbps but are you actually GETTING 100mbit. unless you're on a dedicated connection(more expensive than shared obviously) chances of you getting 100mbps is slim to none, you might get a couple mbps thats pretty much it.

It also depends on the bandwidth, if the bandwidth is cheap, then you'll lag with a few players.
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The National bandwidth shouldn't be a problem and it should be well connected. I don't think I should have a problem getting the ~3Mbit/s to support this many players. My main concern is the hardware config supporting running the number of players.
Server is co-located and connected to a local peering exchange so bandwidth is fairly cheep on this network around all providers so I can't imagine getting the connect speed being a problem.

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