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Getting server info at run time
Is there any way to get the following details about the running server you're playing / scripting on:

- port
- ip
- maxplayers

For linux I have found a solution in python-eventscripts, search for these values in the startup string, which is available.

For windows this however is not a safe aquisition to make as it is not present. A fix for the windows is getting the port from the hostport cvar but this isn't always set.

On mac I have no idea but I suppose it'll be the same as linux.

Is there a consistent platform independant way to get these data?
If not, how do I get it on windows?

I have access to all server vars through python-eventscripts. I can also execute server commands and grasp the output, but prefer not to do the latter, as it is unsafe/buggy in py-es.

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