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Admin grabity change not working ?
Hi all. I am new to being an admin and I have just set up my own server with a little help from a friend. The problem I am having is that my friend when he attempts to change his gravity it does not work. When I try it works fine. We both get the on screen message stating " (Admin) "username": set player "username" gravity, but it works for me and not him ?

Can anyone assist ?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please mention what type of admin mod you are using to set gravity?

If you have rcon access, you can set gravity using rcon sv_gravity 800 in console. (Default: 800)
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Thank you so much for your reply the command my other admin is using is ma_gravity <username> <gav level> Works for me, but not my buddy. Also, I noticed a difference when I do the ma_admins command mine says my username and cleint _1 as admin name, his says his username in both columns?

Thanks in advance for any help.
My recommendation: scrap Mani and upgrade to Sourcemod.

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