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Very high CPU usage (srcds)
Hey all

I have a problem with this box:

Xeon 3450 @ 4 x 2.66 ghz
2 x 250GB @ software raid1
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server

Well, my problem is, that im experincing a very high CPU usage. Heres my stats output:
13:52:23 CPU   In    Out   Uptime  Users   FPS    Players
         99.90 54621.90 119854.39      42     1  938.97      10

I have also taken a FPS-test to see if the usage were wrong, but it definetly isnt..

[Image: graph.php?id=74606]

Could this be, because im running the 10.04 LTS ? I have manually assigned that gameserver to a single core, which isn't being used by any other gameservers. I used to run 9.10 server before, and there wasn't any problem there. The srcds process are using 100% cpu on core #2 (which the process is assigned to) in both htop and top.

The server is a 11 slot CS:S 100 Tick 1K FPS. The test was taken without STV

Im running the standard kernel

Linux vrod 2.6.32-21-server #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 09:17:34 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Thx in advance
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[Image: 1308107839.png]
Isn't anyone able to help some way?
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[Image: 1308107839.png]
ignore that cpu usage, it's not reliable:

if you want a better fps stability you will have to optimize your kernel. there are various howtos on the net how to do that, on is linked in my signature. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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