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exec on FTP or HTTP
Hi all,
I have a question

Can i lunch a config file by http or FTP with my srcds.
in my server.cfg


I don't want to install eventscript or other system.
It's possible ?

srcds support FTP¨or HTTP protocole ?
Thanks for you help Smile
The only protocols that SRCDS supports is the protocols it uses for client connection, and gameplay. RCON would be the best way to go. You can code a PHP file to issue an RCON command, and run the PHP file via a browser, but I really would not recommend doing that Toungue
what you can do instead is downloading the cfg file every hour or so and exec the downloaded file. are you on linux or windows? (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Thank for your help Smile
My servers runs on windows and linux.

I would like to download every x hours my file (banned.cfg) (for refresh information)
For execute i add exec banned.cfg in my server.cfg.
banned.cfg is load when my server change map.

But i would like to download my banned.cfg every x hours.

The best solution is a .dll (windows) .so (linux) for refresh my banned.cfg
The file is on a FTP.

I know I can use eventscript but i would like to install my system on a war server and only zblock is installed on a war server.
I can install a plugin (same of zblock) for refresh my file but i don't want to install mani-admin-plugin or other system.

Thank you Smile
It might be easier to use a MySQL ban plugin for Sourcemod to manage bans on more than one server.
you can try on linux creating to create a cron job that executes a wget command every few minutes. but that requires you to have a root server probably (I don't think GSPs allow cron jobs on shared hosting). If you have a root server try editing the file /etc/crontab and add a line:

*/10  * * * *       <username>   wget -q http://path/to/the/file -O /path/to/the/target/file/on/disk

Replace "<username>" with the name of the user you run your game server with and of course replace the two paths.

On windows you can try something similar (IIRC there is wget for windows as well, try google) with the task manager. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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