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[SOLVED] Linux Garry's Mod server segfaulting every hour or so

I'm using the Linux Garry's Mod server binaries on a Linode 360 VPS running Ubuntu 9.10 x64 bit. The server itself seems to segfault every hour or so - sometimes It can't stay up for 30 minutes without segfaulting.

Here's a dump of my debug.log:

When the server crashes, console will literally only print the above. There aren't any errors before it happens.

And a screenshot of htop with the server running:

Last few lines of /var/log/messages:

I'm using wiremod, PHX, Evolve for administration, Weight, Buoyancy, Simple Prop Protection, Advanced Duplicator, Smartsnap, Stacker and Smart Weld along with the TF2, DODS, CSS, HL2:1+2 and Portal content. I can't see how any of these can be the cause anyway, and for what it's worth there aren't any kind of LUA exceptions before it crashes.

I appreciate any help - but I can see the debug log is entirely unhelpful so I'm not holding my breath Wink
i have the same problem
don`tknow what to do...
[Image: b_560x95.png]
The linux binaries are still in beta I believe...
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(06-13-2010, 09:28 AM)loopyman Wrote:  The linux binaries are still in beta I believe...

They are, yes, but I was told I might be able to get better help here. A ludicrous notion seeing as I posted in the thread that the beta Linux binaries were released in on facepunch, but I thought I'd give it a shot here anyway.
Well... Being as its garrysmod and that its also in beta its most likely going to have some issues. I don't believe that it is entirely stable.
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True, i'd imagine the stability is roughly equivalent to running GMOD on Wine atm; the only thing we can do is sit and wait :3
(You could try a different distro of Linux, CentOS for example; however I don't know if it'll make a big difference, it has with some other processes in the past though from personal experience)
It does seem other people posting in the facepunch thread are having much better luck with stability right now though; although it could just be essentially random my server crashes a hell of a lot in comparison with some of the rants about stability. Is anyone able to decipher any information from the logs I've provided? Is there any other form of analysis I can provide?

I appreciate the help Smile
Forget this entire thread - it can be marked as solved. It's not a SRCDS issue, it's an LUA issue. More information:
do someone know how to get the linux binaries files for the steam version? wenn i download it from steam its only with windows bin? i think thats garry10? or is there a posibility to run it uncomplicated via wine?
Open your own thread Peter.
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thanks for answer .... loopyman.

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