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Hi, I'm having 2 problems with my server, the first is this, I put on a limit the riflemen on my server to test it out, but I want to change it back to unlimited, what is the RCON command to do that so I can add it to my server.cfg.

The second thing is that Mani-Mod is not working on my DoD:S pub. I put it in the right places, I put the "addons" folder in the "/SteamApps/day of defeat:source/dod" and the cfg for the Mani-Mod in the "cfg" folder. I restarted my server and it still doesn't work.


And yes, I made sure I have the latest version from their main site.
the rcon is

mp_limit_allis_rifleman 0

and you need to add @ the bottom of your server.cfg file

exec mani_admin.cfg

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