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66/100 tickrate and 500 fps CPU/RAM usage
Hey guys, I would like to know how much CPU and RAM do 66, 100 tick rate and 500 fps servers use.

Thanks in advance.
Ram is not needed that much. you should be fine wth 2-4GB in nearly all cases if you host only gameservers.

For the CPU it is different and it depends on lots of things:
- The client rates. The more they send the more is needed to be processed -> higher cpu usage
- The amount of addons and plugins you are running
- which engine you use: Orangebox like tf2 uses more cpu than the older engine like css
- The OS. The windows binaries seems to be more optimised but with linux you have the ability to build your own kernel

- if you choose linux the usage also depends on your kernel setup. If you use real time patches, 1000Hz preemtion and such most times the servers are more stable. But the trade of is a higher cpu usage.
- if you go for maximum slotcount you disable real time (preemtion) and use 100Hz -> less usage

A rough estimate:
On a modern quad core with ~2,4+ GHz you can run ~32 tick100 slots per core.
If you are planning on more small servers I would go with a HT CPU if you want to run a few large go for a CPU without HT.

As you see there are many factors that have a influence on the usage. So all we can give you are estimations Wink .
you need something like 200-400 MB of RAM per server, virtually regardless of slot count, tick rate and fps but strongly depending on plugins and maps (and the game!).

cpu usage strongly depends on your expectations. see:​ne.3F (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Thanks to both of you, you're answers were really helpful.
However sometimes a server can use up to 2GB of ram on its own... Mods and addons / map memory leaks suck.

Also as little as 50MB
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