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cstrike_beta srcds with sourcemod issues

I installed sourcemod and it works partially.

First the console always shows
[SM] Unable to laod extension "game.cstrike.ext": The specified module could not be found.

Some menu options are not working as well, not sure why, but the voting isn't working, and the give player a weapon stuff isn't working. How do I enable these menu options? I got a custom menu from the web that works about 1/2 of the options.

Also maybe not SM related, there is this issue that is under the line Executing dedicated server config file
Attempted to create unkown entity type info_ladder!
Can't init info_ladder

Any ideas? Thanks!

Server OS: Server 2003 r2
Processor: Xeon 3Ghz x 2
Ram: 4GB
Game(s): cstrike_beta
Admin Mods: sm
Here is my launch shortcut
"C:\Program Files\Valve\CSSBeta\orangebox\srcds.exe" -console -game cstrike_beta +map cs_office +maxplayers 24
what version of sourcemod and metamod do you use?
#3 for metamod
1.3.3-dev is sourcemod
If you do not have to, do not use developer versions or dayly snapshots in a productive enviroment.

Use the stable versions instead:
1.8.1 MMS
1.3.2 SM
CSS beta needs dev version IIRC

you cannot expect all plugins to run perfectly with the CSS beta. unfortunately the beta is still limited to a small number of people, so many developers cannot test their plugins and also the interest is still not very high. I guess we will have to wait until the beta is opened to the full public. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
try to user 1.9.0 for metamod and
SourceMod (1.4.0-dev)

this will work . i have theese on my css beta server
thanks peeps~!

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