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Getting configurations correct.

I'm currently setting up a scoutzknivez server and everything.. I have been working on it non-stop for the past 4 days, and nothing has been going good at all..

I cannot get mani admin installed correctly apparently, I know I have all the files in the right spot, but it's not like I can join the server and test it, because after doing everything and re-starting the server.

I open up CSS and the server is not listed nor can I add it or even connect to it for that matter..

Can someone please assist me in setting up my server, because I have been through all the sites on Mani_admin for addming admins and everything, and searched and done everything I could form google and what people have been saying.

Finally re-installed my server again for the 6th time, and still the same problem after doing everything, but before I mess with anything after reinstalling itson my list and everything.

I would very much appreciate the assistance, thank you.

My MSN is;
First off, forget about main, go for sourcemod, second, what do you need for modes?

Oh yah, almost forgot

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