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Noob looking for tf2 server help
Hello, I am new to running a server and I have a tf2 server set up with srcds. I changed my map files to only have 2fort and changed the command line as well. but every time someone or i joins the game it changes map to dustbowl. I was wondering how I can go about changing the setting to make it 24/7 2fort. any information would be awesome!
There should be a mapcycle.txt file. Only keep 2fort on the list. Remove everything else.
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yeah thats what i did , and it changes it to dustbowl its weird
(06-04-2010, 11:58 AM)turb0rave Wrote:  yeah thats what i did , and it changes it to dustbowl its weird

Did you check your command line?
Make sure that you have +map ctf_2fort at the end of the command line.
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yeah I have, seems like the problem is fixed but with that a new one comes up. Everytime people join the server its goes into stalemate and the server changes map, and it dosent stop

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