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hey guys, so i host my own server and it works perfectly. but i'd like to add steamgroup access to it. everytime i add the sv_steamgroup ### command to my server i cannot connect to it through lobby. i can see the server on the main menu, and i can even connect to it directly. but not while hosting a lobby. i normally connect using sv_search_key since mm_dedicated doesnt work for me. my server is on the same connection through router as my pc. ports 27005-27020 are forwarded to the server. like i said it works perfect without steamgroup. why does that one command keep me from connecting?
well... my guess is the steamgroup has your external ip, which you can't connect through without some setup.
I would tell you how to workaround awesomely, but I think I'll follow the lead of the staff here, such as mooga, and be totally useless until you give me information! Big Grin

(I'm kidding. If you're on vista, open the file 'HOSTS' in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and put the line
after the
localhost line.
(replace [externalip] with your current external ip, obviously.)
If you have a dynamic ip, a little more setup is required, assuming you don't want to have to change it every time your external ip changes:
Get a hostname and put that in place of [externalip]
change/replace your server's launch shortcut/bat to have +IP hostname
Use their Dynamic Update Client to keep your hostname updated.)

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