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Current TFC Server?
I have setup a dedicated, stable running HL2 server running multiplayer deathmatch. So far, it plays fine. I would like to host some TFC games, is this possible? (are the files included in the server setup?) What does the command line look like to start TFC up?

Thanks in advance!

To run TFC you need the regular HLDS, instead of the Source HLDS. If you copy the file "steam" into another folder, and run it with the "-game tfc" switch, it should download all the necessary files for TFC
it runs, says "updating installation" & then tells me.. "connection closed by peer"

here's my command line...

./steam -update tfc /home/hlds/tfc -steamuser mylogin mypasswd

not sure what to try next....

thanks for getting me this far!


got it working,,, for some reason there are 2 versions of the "steam" file floating around. I think it is causing a great deal of confusion, (correct syntax and options are different) so make sure you have the latest and greatest steam file, it does not autoupdate. It will save you headaches on your setup!

Good luck!

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