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Sourcemod Admin Issue
So I decided to setup a dedicated server for Team Fortress 2 so I could play with some friends on a map I am working on. Downloaded HLDSUpdateTool.exe, installed the server, tested, and everything worked perfectly. Then I decided I would need admin rights and installed metamod and sourcemod. The installation went well, server ran and when I tried to type in a sm command it would recognize that sourcemod was installed. The issue came when I tried to tell it who the admins would be (myself.) I edited the admins.cfg file first, and sourcemod wouldn't recognize me as the admin. I went to the HLDS wiki after googling the issue and found that I had to edit the admins_simple.ini, or at least it was another way of doing it. I cleared my admins.cfg file for fear of an overlap of information and wrote into the simple.ini :

"STEAM_0:0:27292426" "99:Z"

as instructed by the wiki. I am still getting a return from sourcemod saying something along the lines of: You do not have the appropriate permissions to use this command, when I type sm_admin into the console.

I am running a custom built Windows XP machine with an AMD Athlon X4 Propus 2.6Ghz processor, 2GB of G.Skill RAM, and am using the standard srcds.exe GUI to launch my server. Again, I am trying to do this on a Team Fortress 2 Game server. (Read Me FTW.)

I don't really understand why this is happening. Everything seems to be correctly formatted, and I have quadruple checked my Steam ID. Something tells me this is a very silly nitpicky issue, but I have litterally spent 4 days trying to work it out :p

My username on this forum (thegadgetcat) is my steam name as well.

Thanks in advance
Have you tried using a lower case z?
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(05-31-2010, 07:46 AM)Ghost Assassin Wrote:  Have you tried using a lower case z?

I'll try that when I get back in a few hours Big Grin
Wow, I want to slap myself. Yep that was the issue. Thanks a bunch!!! Big Grin

Now how do I mark this as [resolved] Toungue
Full edit first post > change title above post edit > submit.

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