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Is it possible to download linux server files on windows? And conf question.
Hi everyone. Is it possible, to download Linux server files on Windows running machine? I'm going to move my server to a server machine in days, so i'd like to download the files and put in all the plugins, etc, etc before i order the service. Is it possible?

And configuration:

1.5GB rams, 100 Mbps internet connection and ~1.8GHZ Xeon CPU.

How many people this server could hold? 100 tr, fps 0 and all that's the best conf. i mean. I think it could be ~30-40.

The first question is more important.
Hmm... i can only think of a virtual machine like virtual-box.
Install there a linux OS and download the files. Then you can share a folder and copy the files. Or with an external memory.
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Eh, don't wanna trash my newly reinstalled windows. Should'v thought of it before i reinstalled the windows.

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