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server specs for propose garry's mod servers
These are server class machines and not desktops.

dell poweredge 2950-3 U2 rack mounted
X2 Xeon 5200 quad core : 6 MB cache 3.16GHz
1333 MHz fsb
16 gb ddr2 ram
1 tb sata hdd
t -3 fiber optic per server

I have 4 of these that i used to run wow servers on.

how many instances and slots can one of these provide so I can have some idea on what to set these up to?

gamemodes to be run:

winter survival
What is the upload speed and how much monthly transfer?.
45Mb up and down (plus or minus a few kb) so im told..
its unlimited since it through my company AT&T wireless (i work for a communications firm)
This equipment isnt at my location, its in a telephone microwave tower building in louisiana and im in nevada ut i am flying there next week to visit family and see about turning this stuff on again.
If it has 45Mb up, your going to be limited with hardware. I'm not familiar with that CPU family - it might be a older Xeon or a newer. If its older expect to hold 4-6 slots on build per core or 16-24 slots on RP per core (And since SRCDS doesn't multi-thread don't think since you have four cores one server can have xx amount of slots.).

If its newer expect 10 slots on build per core or 32-42 slots on RP per core.
ermm its a newer family not the newest but a couple of years old maybe. i bought these from dell approx 2 years ago.
I know they each can host a world of warcraft realm of 100 + people each with less than 25% cpu usage but mangos supports multi core i believe.
but yeah 10 slots is fine. i'll have to get there and try it i guess
If its a few years old its a older family.
ok i typoed
X5460 harpertown dual quad core
2x6 mb L2 cache
fsb 1333mhz

i had to pull the dell ticket from the site
i thought it was a 5200 series, idk why tho...
lack of sleep lol

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