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more than 40 spawn points in valvee maps?
2 days ago i played in a server that had more than 40 spawn points in de_dust2 and i didnt dsownload anything for it.
I have a large pub and would like to be able to increase the spawn points in traditional valve maps also
can someone please tell me how i can spawn more than the traditional 40 spawns in de_dust and cs_office, etc etc
I dont think the maps are designed for more than 40 players thats why they set a limit. It would get very crowded. Not too sure how they did that did you's spawn on top of each other perhaps?
actually, you add spawn points. i found out you caN USE ent editor for this.
i have a 60 m an source server and this will com in very handy
where can you download this editor ??
mani admin lets you add spawn points to maps also Smile

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