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Running Multiple Server Instances From the Same Folder
This may seem like a really obvious question.

Typically when I run servers I update a single folder, configure the config files, setup the srcds.bat file then duplicate the entire server folder about 1gb in size for each server instance.
So in the end I have 8 different folders "server 1" - "server 8".

Can I have a single server folder "server 1" and have multiple srcds.bat files launching multiple CS:S server instances all running from the same server source files, or will this cause an issue?

In that case create server01.cfg server02.cfg and so on and empty the server.cfg.

Logging might be a problem. But you could disable logfile creation: sv_logfile 0
This is called a forked server, and is not recommended. It would be better just to make a separate copy of the folder.

Read this for more info.
It's possible to run this type of setup but it gets complicated when you want to change settings. I'd recommend this setup ONLY if you plan on just running several 24/7 maps such as de_dust2 or cs_office and don't plan to be all fancy with addons or plugins.
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I did it with multiple garrysmod build servers before. Worked wonders for adv dupes, admins and props.
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