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Admin control is auto assigning to groups
well yes i know someone hasnt dled then edited then upload any files for allow dl and upload are both at 0 i have it in the auto exec to do those
but whats mostly annoying is itll assighn ppl owner and will kick me out o f my positions as owner im using assmod and i flipn hate it becouse i had this problem with ulx iihave no idea what else admin control i can use exept for making one but i dont have that kind of time anymore.
what makes me mad is that itll be a random ass person thatl join then next thing you know the map is changing or someone is usig a admin only weapon and they just started playing on the server IF this i s a possible lua virus of a kind i would realy like to know.

P.S. id realy love to start my server again

Server OS: windows 7 32 bit
Processor: Pc is custom dosnt have a model. 2.84 ghz dual core
Ram: 2gb
Game: Garrymod
Start Up Command: dont use one i let the Server.cfg take care of it
Admin Mods: Assmod and previously ULX

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