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[SOLVED] TF2: 5 players = 100% CPU
Please help!

Few weeks ago i hit a performance problem, it was 1 or 2 days before "119th update". There was small update, claimed to improve server performance for linux. After that update my server can't handle 5 and more players. It was pretty old server (prescott 2.8ghz).

This weekend i installed a new server, (Q9300 @ 2.50GHz, 4Gb Ram), fresh CentOS 5.5 (1000HZ default kernel) - fresh srcds - without any modules. Same picture - 6 players eats 100% CPU and can't play.

Here is ny args for srcds:

./srcds_linux -game tf +ip -pingboost 1 -heapsize 2048 -pidfile +fps_max 300 -ticrate 66 +map pl_goldrush

BTW, on empty server FPS jumps between 248 and 166. Here is my server.cfg:

What am i doing wrong? why my server can't handle more then 6 players? Please help/
you can take out
-pingboost 1 -heapsize 2048

not sure if heapsize is a vaild command for the servers but in valve games its done in KB so thats 2 MB so that might be a problem
try taking out heapsize and pingboost from the start command, as helio said
Ooops, i thought that this would be 2GB, will give it a try today, thanks!
The problem was with the heapsize, after i change it to 1048576 (1 Gb) everything runs like a charm.

Seems that this variable wasn't working from january till may. Because i always had 2048 as value, and i started to have problems only near 119th update.

Once again, everybody thanks!
Why use it anyway? I run my Servers without that command and having no issues at all.

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