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tf2 server rotation

i have a 24 slot server on tf2 its all fine but im a bit confused i want to run a rotation server i already have a PL and want to make my server a PL/CP server i have 5 pl maps

i have a pl_goldrush cfg in my tf/cfg folder

in the pl_goldrush i have:

sm_respawn_time_enabled "1"
sm_respawn_time_blue "4.0" //Attackers
sm_respawn_time_red "8.0" //Defenders

respawn wait time NOW to add CP maps and make it rotate how would i go about doing that like what cfgs do i make, how do i put a timelimit and what mapround time like everything there is to know.

// round specific cvars
mp_roundtime 0

could someone help me.

thank you,
i also installed fpsbooster my server is 100 tic

i get these results, i type net_graph 3 in console:

100 to 109 up and down in stays at 72 for few seconds moves to 82 out 72

i get more out then in that good?

could someone help me please really confused about this stuff

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