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Can't get a Server name
OK I have a server running on windows xp pro , 10 mbit cable connection with a 960 upload speed , on a xp2400 2,0ghz cpu and 1 gig 3200 ddr , server seems to run fine , how ever in my server config, my server name is set as {NSH}Nova Scotia Highlanders and in the server list for the games it shows up as Day of Defeat , anyone know how I can fix this problem . Also , how do I get a console mode up instead of the gui that i am running now ? with the old DOD i had a console and i used hlds , same as i do now, but no console . ! other thing, I also have errors in the gui listing that says error material/ etc /etc not found , I guess its just stuff that hlds doesn't send, so I can just grap them from my other pc and copy them to the other pc in the material folder ... will that work?

Help please

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P4 3.0ghz Intel Pentium , 1 gb Dual Channel High Performance OCZ DDR , Nvidia FX5200 ,SBlive 5.1 , 2x 80 gig Maxtors 7200 rpm , 10 mbit cable connection
for console you have to add -console -maxplayers ## -map -game dod something like that.. i think thats all.. theres a tutorial on the main part of this site about it.. just substitue cstrike for dod. and to change the server name the cmd is hostname <servername> soo make sure its in there right, cuz it should work.

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