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Keepin srcds up to date.

So i got my hexacore server from OVH hosting and got dods, tf2 and couple l4d2 servers going just fine, all thx to srcds forums. Smile

I got even the scripts working if some reason server boots the servers will restarts.

But one question how to keep source server up to date? I have added the -autoupdate on startup command but this updates it when server is started?
Do i need to restart the server regularly to keep em up to date or how this is done?

Muchos thx in advance. Wink
yes, in any case the server has to be restarted after an update, even if you update it "externally" (e.g. with a cronjob running the steam update command every night). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Thank you setting up cron job to restart servers every night at 6. Cool

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