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Which is Better to host on?
which is better OS for hosting server?
Linux or Windows?

im good in both

i have Linux Solarus
and Ubunto
I've hosted servers on both OS. Must say I like Debian the most.
It all depends, I personally think windows offers the best control panel out there, and is very easy to maintain. While linux, offers really great performance, tho im not that great of a fan ( Haven't Personally used Linux yet, but will soon. )
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Solaris is actually a SunOS (from the same people who made Java) so its not Linux.

Linux > Windows, unless you dont know what your doing, than Windows is the clear solution.
Linux is the best no doubt, especially when you start using custom kernels to adjust the system timers and other stuff to get an amazingly stable server.
Windows is only the best when you need an awesome game panel (TCAdmin) or if you don't know what shell is.
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Linux. Custom kernel + rates checker = awesome.

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