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just simple question about core slots cs:source
hi all
i've searched about my question but a lot a message can't answer for me .

I'll take that dedicaced server

XEON X3450 4 physic and 8 logic cores
100 MB
illimited traffic

I want to know how many cs:source server tick 100 with plugins that i can run on it PER CORE

i'v just understand that we can run server with specific core.

that server will have 16 ip for differents servers.

First question : how many tick 100 per core
Second : does exist generator for calcul slots per core

You can understand if i can't host many server then i prefer take multi dedicaced on core2duo E8400

hyperthreading doesn't give you really more cores. so you probably should count that as 4 cores, not 8. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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ok but does the hyperthreading will get more performance on cpu usage for each server ?
depends highly on the situation. you will need to try out. it can also make things worse (but then you can switch it off in the BIOS). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Hyperthreading makes load balancing easier; performance wise its a negligible increase/decrease.
(05-17-2010, 03:29 AM)ilinx Wrote:  Hyperthreading makes load balancing easier;

how that?

hyperthreading splits one core into two logical cores by making use of the different processing pipelines at the same time. as normal code requires the availability of all pipelines for maximum speed this will decrease the per-core performance (in some load dependent way) while giving you twice as many cores. for mass-hosting of small game servers this might be a performance advantage, while for hosting a few big servers this will decrease performance.

at least that's the theory.

the "load balancing" will in fact be more complicated as the kernel has to know that it is better to use different physical cores instead the second logical core of the same physical core. but linux (hopefully) does this right, if the hyper-threading scheduling is enabled in kernel. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
and thanx to BehaartesEtwas for that answer.

so if i want to run now
- 1x40 slots tick 100 1000fps
- 2x32 "" "" "" ""
- 2x24 "" "" "" ""

maybe 1 or 2 other server on gungame, deathmatch ...

you said that it's too much for that dedicaced ?
1000fps is overrated. if you want to run 40 slots use tick66@fps_max 500

If all slots are full your system might be already overloaded. But in most cases that never happens.

But be aware of one thing: Once the beta is over css will go orangebox for all. Orangebox consumes more cpu per slot. Or as someone here said: "Orangebox is a whore"
So even if you manage to run that amount of slots stable with the current stable build the chance is there that you wont be able anymore when css goes to orangebox.

If you set it up try being on the save side. That way you do not have to decrease slots/servers when the update comes.
hi and thanx so.

that 40 slots will be decrease on 32 slots after 2 or 3 months. i just run that one to start my community

anywher i can read forum's post i see many user with that server and they run over 14 server CS:S and when they are all full the server haven't full loading.

i think i'll take that server and test with 5 server and after run one more. And if it's good i'll take another dedicaced for more server. that is good idea if first dedicaced need upgrade or have hardware crash
Hi again,
for my server, do you know if it is very important that i have /28 ip or just only one is good for many cs:s server ?
it's important question because for /28 i need to paid
Normally the sv_region system is borked. Thats why i removed it from my server.cfgs resulting in sv_rgion= -1 = 255,
Iheard that several ip ranges were listed in frint of some others. but since this changes every update i would spend the money in a different and more usefull place.
i think i didn't explain my question sorry for my english Smile
i just want to say if 16 ip on 1 dedicaced server is good or not for my game server.
for example : = dedicaced server = first cs:s server = second cs:s server
same to S6th cs:s server
the same for my teamspeak master server


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