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Es_tools and mpbhops-sourcemod conflicts? Solutions?
Hello, I am building a bunny hop CS:S server. I use es_tools & eventscripts to get infinite health for every players. Then I use mpbhops plugin - Sourcemod for multiplayer bhop at the same time. But at the round start, people can stand as long as they can and if round restart, mpbhops is disabled. If I enable mpbhops, it works perfectly. If I am the only player in the server, then I retry, and the error happens like in the round start.

I hope you guys can help me.

Sorry for my bad English.
This reply may be a bit late,??? I think Es_Tools for CSS was broken by the update to the Orangebox TF engine. I used Es_Tools along with many other Es_Scripts. As of now, on my server, only the Es_scripts that don't need Es_Tools work. I hope they can fix or patch Es_Tools soon. Cool


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