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Populating your server!?
Hey everyone,

I'm new here. Obviously Toungue. I'm just wondering, I started up my 24 Player DoD:S server its been running for three days and I've had no-one join.

I was wondering how you guys get your servers populated all the time? There's no bots as of now for DoD:S to look like fake players yet as far as I know?

How do you guys do it? Is it just a sit-and-wait game until your server gets popular?

I have good ping-times so I'm trying to figure out a way to get it populated.

3 days it takes more than 3 days to get players, plus a catchy name to your server always get them!!
that.. and it takes people to get people.. so anyone you know that plays.. get them in there. play in there yourself. no one wants to go into an empty server.. so no one will ever join to get others in.. you have to be that first person. or somone you know.

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