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Missing map
I got a dadicated server iam hosting on my pc

and playing on a other pc

when i put maps in server.

and iam going to play on my server

sayed first downloading map then missing map/............

cl_allow 1
cl_downloadfilte 1
cl_upload 1

all is good

is there a way to just download the maps

and not put them in menualy

thx in advance
Did you enable the downloadurl in the server.cfg?
That usally happens when when you have downloadurl enabled and didnt upload the map to the download site.
[Image: url_logo.png]
I have same problem...

Can anyone give me a link to a good downloadurl website?

if that is the problem..
I had the same issue using my windows IIS server. IIS will not permit a file to download if the MIME type isn't on the MIME list. So you need to add the following types to the list yourself or have your host add it to IIS (if you are using a windows server/ If you're not I can't help you).

Extension - MIME
.bsp - application/octet-stream
.nav - application/octet-stream
.bz2 - application/octet-stream

You might need it for other file types also depending on what add-ons you have. Add the MIME then restart IIS. If it works you should be able to simply go to and it should download right there in your web browser.


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