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How many slots can I host.
Hi. I'am planning to buy a server:
Intel Core i5-750
QuadCore 4 x 2,66 GHz
2 x 1000 GB SATA 7.200

How many servers about 16 slots can I host or how many servers about 20 slots can I host.

I think on servers won't be a lot of plugins. Just simple FFA servers and simple plugins like Mani Admin+Event script with about 4-5 plugins.
anybody can help me?
What game?
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i run a 20 slot server on a 9 years old amd 64 athlon and 1024MB ram and 4 MB/s internet up/down
with: sourcemod (noblock, dm, admin) rpg, surf...

so i think you can run 64 - 120 slot (1024 MB ram its about. 20 slot... so 20 * 6 = 120)

if... we talk about srcds server (css)
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yeah I think about css tick 100
(05-14-2010, 05:03 AM)franczez Wrote:  yeah I think about css tick 100

10-15 public 20 slot 100tick servers should be a reasonable bet. Don't try to go 500 FPS, because then you can only host 7-8 servers. 1000 fps and you are down to 3-4 servers.

100-200 fps servers = 3-4 per core
500 fps servers = 1-2 per core
1000 fps servers = 1 per core

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I don't need 1000 or 500 fps. I want to host 20 slots on 100 tick and fps 300. Do you really think that I can host 3 servers per core?
I would say that would be reasonable to expect.
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(05-19-2010, 08:01 AM)Spartanfrog Wrote:  I would say that would be reasonable to expect.

I will second that, just don't blame us if some configuration on your server doesn't let you do that.
I am also running a server close to your specs (i5 750, 6gb ram). Currently there are 3x 32 2x 16 public and one 12 slot private Server running on it. I have no issues at all even when most slots are filled. Two of the servers are also heavily modded (gungame etc.). But as for all systems: We can give you only a rough estimation. In detail you have to check it for your own.

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