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Lag at updating
Hello forum!

When I update my TF2 server, it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete the update and the server is lagging like hell during this time.
I do not know any reason, why - normally the server runs with 32 playerslots TF2 additionally with a second server without any lags. Only at the updates the server stucks at the "Updating Installation".
I'm using the command "./steam -command update -game tf -dir /home/srcds/"
After this, the server says "Updating Installation" -> 10 minutes later the real update begins (fast):
Quote:Updating 'Team Fortress 2 Content' from version 144 to version 145

12.89% /home/srcds//orangebox\tf\bin\server.dll
46.64% /home/srcds//orangebox\tf\bin\server.dylib

Help me please Rolleyes
Thanks, DocB

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