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steam on 2 PCs
couple of things

im looking to install the server on another PC on my netowrk, its not a great PC but enough to run a server, AMD2000, Geforce4, 768MB ram .... does the kids .... thing is, i take it that i would need to install the game on this PC also, so therefor i would also need steam installed ... am i correct so far ?

so can i have steam installed AND running at the same time on 2 PCs using the same steam account ??

don't use steam to install it.. follow the instructions on this site to run hldsupdatetool.. it doesn't even need a steam account to instal

so you can do the HLDSupdate thing WITHOUT having half life 2 installed on the PC ??
Yes. Run HLDSupdate with the proper switches and it'll download all the server files you need without the steam client being present on your machine.

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