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cat: No such file or directory
Hello! I have problem with my new dedicated server of Day of Defeat: Source. I'm using FreeBSD with Linux.
On this host i have 2 hlds servers - cs.
I'm download Server and try to run, but have this problem:

Quote:./srcds_run -console -game dod +map dod_anzio -maxplayers 24 -autoupdate -debug
Auto detecting CPU
Using default binary: ./srcds_linux
Enabling debug mode
Server will auto-restart if there is a crash.
Failed to open ( cannot handle TLS data)
cat: No such file or directory
email debug.log to
Sat May 8 10:04:27 EEST 2010: Server restart in 10 seconds
Sat May 8 10:04:31 EEST 2010: Server Quit

CRASH: Sat May 8 10:04:27 EEST 2010
Start Line: ./srcds_linux -console -game dod +map dod_anzio -maxplayers 24 -autoupdate -debug
End of Source crash report
I'm try with various parameters - no effect.
I'm delete orangebox/bin folder and run update - no effect.
i'm run steam with -veryfy_all - no effect.

What i must do now? I think this is after one of the last update tf2/dods Sad

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