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Please, i need this strange problem to be explained!!!When I play a scrim with my friends,I tell them to type the full rates at their console ( rate 30000 ; cl_cmdrate 101 ; cl_updaterate 101 because the server runs at sv_maxrate 30000,sv_minrate 30000,sv_maxupdaterate 101,sv_minupdaterate 101,sv_maxcmdrate 101 and sv_mincmdrate 101.It is also 100 tickrate and 512 fps)before the match,and just before the beginning of the match,I type rcon tv_record "demo_name" at my console in order to record the match.Then,after the end of the match,I took its demo and then I noticed that some players lag really bad (for example,they don't walk smoothly like the others,but in individual frames,something like teleporting),even though in-game they didn't lag at all!!!WTF???

Here is a demo,describing this type of lag I mentioned above!!!Please,download it in order to see what I mean.

So,I am wondering if it is caused by fps lag of these players,when they were playing the match,or bad tv recording (is my server bad?)

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