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Windows based CS Server probs
I have been wanting to run a server for a while now. I got everything and installed it, created the server.cfg file, forwarded ports, made exceptions in the firewall, even tryed dmzin the ip and i still cant get my game to show up except for on LAN. I also have sv_lan st to 0. I also have tried searching and to no avail i havent been able to came up with anything. Any help would be appreciated.
the server quite possibly WON'T be on the internet list for you. have someone else check to see if its on there.
^-- what he said.

my lanned PCs dont show my server in the internet tab either. I can't even successfully add them to favorites using anything but the local IP. Friends and the rest of the world can successfully do it, however.

list the IP or hostname here and we'll test it out. chances are that if you DMZ your box it'll be there.
Well just to make sure im doin this stuff right, where did everyone else go to open ports, etc,. I made exceptions in the windows firewall for the singled ports. Then i used my modem ( to forward ports 27030-27039, and 27000-27015. Also my modem has a spot for an ip. do i list my internal ip or external ip. heres the big noob ques when i dmz my ip i use my internal ip right ( sorry for all the noob questions guys bare with me if u can.

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