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CentOS Firewall Config help need
I normally use Debian and have recently changed to CentOS as I changed server providers. I have always had iptables configured for me and this time I have to do it.

If anyone could help me with examples as to setting up srcds ports, ssh, and ftp only and closing all others I would be much appreciative. I learn better by seeing it done rather than reading about rules and exceptions.

Heres a few examples regarding blocking ports and port ranges (you can use whatever chain you want, im using input as an example):
# iptables -A INPUT -p UDP --destination-port 7777:9000 -j DROP
^block ports on UDP ports 7777 to 9000

# iptables -D INPUT -p UDP --destination-port 7777:9000 -j DROP
^unblock those previously blocked ports (-D = delete the rule in the INPUT chain)

# service iptables (start/stop/restart/status)
^self explanatory, status is useful with grep when you have a long list of rules

I can provide more if needed.

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