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How many servers will I be able to run?
How many HLDS(Half-Life) servers do you think that I'll be able to run on the following specs? It'll be running either Windows Server 2008, or 2003.

UltraSPARC IIIi - 2*1,5GHz, 4096MB Minne, 4*72GB HDD.
What game?
Probably not many.
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(05-03-2010, 09:49 AM)Mooga Wrote:  What game?
Probably not many.
It'll be running Counter-Strike 1.6(HL) server(s). It will also be connected to a 1gbit uplink.
Save yourself and run Linux instead and get some more people. You will not be able to hold that many. Approximately 10 - 15players, if your lucky.
Alright, so I'll be able to run like one Server, with about 10-15 players? Is that per processor or..?
Per core. So 2 x 10slots. Smile
Alright. I'll build a dedi instead. If I would go for a i7 setup instead, with 12gig ram, what would it be able to Hold?

And thank you for your great reply's!
Depends on the clock speed and the model of your choice.

But many slots on each core.
Sparc? That's not x86 architecture, is it? Then none... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Alright, so there is not way to recompile it? Or perhaps run Linux on it? But that wouldn't solve it I suppose.
No if it is not the x86 architecture, SRCDS will not be able to run.
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