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Left 4 Dead 2 Servers Confuse Me
Ok, first before i start talking/typing of my issues, i would like to say that i have google'd everything and experimented with the server. I have tried many times on my own PC and dedicated servers or individual game servers to get one up and it just confuses me. Most of the tutorials i find on google give me enough info to play on it but theres so many errors. Point being, i have tried and looked up everything including search and i need some questions answered.

1. The server just connects to a campaign map when i first start the server, how do i change the gamemode and make it lobby connectable?

2. When i try to put sourcemod on the server, the server doesn't start and logs are blank so i have no idea altho it starts wonders when it starts without sourcemod.

3. Without sourcemod, if i take out melee on the server and swing with it, my client crashes but it doesn't do that with other servers.

4. Theres so many types of server.cfg files, ive tried to make my own as best as i can with barely any luck so any recommendations?

I will ask more questions if i need too but this shit is just so confusing i had enough. Lol


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