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Team Fortress 2 Update Available (4-30-10)
Jason Wrote:A required update to Team Fortress 2 is now available. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive the update. The specific changes include:

- Added further PropHunt mode support:
- Added a "SetCustomModelRotates" input, which will enable/disable whether the custom model should rotate yaw (enabled by default)
- Added a "SetCustomModelVisibletoSelf" input, which will set whether or not the local player should see his own custom model
- Fixed the Engineer being able to build more than 1 of each type of building
- Fixed old Engineer build keybinds not working with the new system
- Fixed a client crash on shutdown
- Fixed the Gunboats not properly applying the damage reduction when Spectators are nearby
- Fixed post-processing bug which could cause tone mapping to become stuck at highest setting

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