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GUI works but console does not
Hey everyone. Here is my setup.

I'm running a source server as a test to see how my new connection works. I'm running it on a crappy Dell Dimension 3000 p4 2.8ghz 512 ram etc (if the connection proves to handle the load I'll buy a bigger beefier box).

I have the following ports forwarded:

UDP 1200
UDP 2700 - 27014
TCP 27030 to 27039
UDP/TCP 27015-27016
UDP 27020

The server works perfectly in GUI mode. I can see it on the internet list and people can ping it and connect to it through my dydns hostname. It is currently online at

When I start the server in dedicated console mode it doesn't seem to want to work properly. I have a feeling it has something to do with my server.cfg file? Is this possible? Do the GUI and console modes use the same config?

Any help is appreciated.

Also. It appears that VAC is not enabled? How do I go about enabling this?

Could anyone comment on their connection speeds? I'm running it on a verizon FIOS connection (15mbps down/2mbps up)

well the only thing diffeent with console is you have to specify map, maxplayers and gametype in the cmd line. the server.cfg is the same. can you post what your putting in the cmd line to start it with console?

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