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Optimal kernel for several servers
Hey all. I have been playing around with some kernels for my company servers, and im currently testing a CK kernel.

Now, im wondering if theres some kernels thats optimized for servers, running many gameservers. I would be very interested if anyone could tell me Smile
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I never optimized for running many servers. But I would try this: Start with a kernel pretty much optimized for srcds/hlds in principle (e.g. the one you are currently using or the one from my signature). Then (if it is running well) reduce the kernel preemption level to "server" so your kernel is no longer optimized for minimum latency but for maximum throughput. You also should use a HZ=100 setting and dynamic ticks in the kernel. Then play around with your game server settings, i.e. reduce fps and tickrate, to reduce the server load to an acceptable level. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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