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L4D2 dlc server.dll not allowed
since the new dlc update for l4d2 my 2 l4d2 servers are both saying "test_progression_loop doesn't point to existing convar server.dll is not allowed." When this happens my server console just closes. i have tried reinstalling my server.dll and nothing has changed. i hope there is someone else with this issue. if anyone can be of any help i would greatly appreciate it.

Update again. There was another update.
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(04-23-2010, 02:52 PM)Mooga Wrote:  Update again. There was another update.

there was no other updates available. i ran it 2 more times just to be sure.. still having the same problem though.
ok after some extensive researching the problem is with sourcemod. i will have to wait for a new update.

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