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OK, so I just installed mani mod and some things are not working right. 1) The votemap doesn't work, I made sure the maplist.txt and mapcycle.txt were there in the cstrike folder and the maplist had all the maps. I still can't get the damn votemap to work. 2) If someone could post all their cexeclist(whatever).txt's and also their rconlist.txt's, that'd be much appreciated. And yes I made sure the plug-in is installed correctly, timeleft and nextmap still work.
well.. did you in your server.cfg file add "exec mani_server.cfg" cuz if you don't have that then it won't tell it to read that file. and also.. you have to enable votemap in mani_server.cfg there is a whole bunch of junk in there.. browse aroud it.. use the find feature..
Also, in your mani_admin_plugin - make sure you have a votemaplist.txt file. If you do not, make a shortcut to the maplist file in the cstrike folder.
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