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Good Opposing Force bots? or "Why doesnt this work?"
I am attempting to get a good Opposing Force server running for old times' sake, and I have both the server and adminmod working well, but I am at a loss to find bots that work with the Linux server. JKBotti's bot is one that was recommended to me but it kind of segfaults the server, so I tried old reliable, HPB bot, and I get the following error with metamod:

Currently loaded plugins:
      description      stat pend  file              vers      src  load  unlod
[ 1] Adminmod         RUN   -  v2.50.60  ini  Start ANY
[ 2] <HPB_bot_i386.s  badf load   v -       ini   -     -

META INFO gives:
meta info 2
         name: (nil)
         desc: <>
       status: badfile
       action: load
     filename: addons/HPB_bot/
     pathname: /usr/games/hlds_l/gearbox/addons/HPB_bot/
        index: 2
       source: ini file
     loadable:  -
   unloadable:  -
      version: (nil)
         date: (nil)
       author: (nil)
          url: (nil)
       logtag: (nil)
  last loaded: Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969
No DLLAPI functions.
No DLLAPI-Post functions.
No NEWAPI functions.
No NEWAPI-Post functions.
No Engine functions.
No Engine-Post functions.
Registered commands:
0 commands
Registered cvars:                      float value  string value
0 cvars

If I recall correctly that means it can't find the file but the thing is, that file exists, it belongs to the user HLDS is running under, so I'm at a loss as to what's causing it.

The real annoying thing is I had these bots working previously on an OP4 server when I was trying to jury rig a solution to the problem I gave on another forum, but now that the server is running properly, they don't want to run. I thought it may be due to a polluted install so I nuked it entirely and reinstalled but no luck.

Can someone help me with that, or alternatively, offer an alternative bot?
use jkbotti
HPB only works on windows for some reason
OP4 is pretty much identical to 007 Nightfire. the only difference being is the graphics are tons better (runs on a modified HL engine), weapons, and the fact it doesnt have aliens/mutants. the actual CTF mode and powerups are ported directly over to nightfire and everything is basically the same including grapple. it also has bots. there are more players in it than opposing force as well. you can get it freely at or any other online site (you can't buy it anymore). i'm not advertising, just havent seen a person that plays OP4 in a long time, if you're looking for actual players to play with alongside bots if you want (btw at this time the url i gave you is undergoing dns updates so it will be offline for up to 24 hrs)

edit: wtf look at the date of this thread...

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