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[resolved] Linux Install Problem with Archives
Hello there!

I am trying to install a steam dedicated server, and seem to have run into a problem that isn't addressed anywheres that google can find without a lot of digging.

The preliminaries, the server is a dedicated machine with two 2.4mhz processors running the latest distribution of Fedora. The system specs aren't quite the problem here as far as I can tell so I will avoid an exhaustive list but if neccesary I will post it.

It's more the setup, as far as I can tell, so allow me to detail the process by which I started to set up the server.

First of all, I created a user "hlds" to run the server under, as running a server under root is generally an extremely bad idea.

Having done this, I created a directory to run the server under, /usr/games/hlds_l and then used chown and chgrp to make the directory owned by the user hlds and the group nobody, respectively.

Then I used wget to get the hldsupdatetool, and when I attempt to run it, I get the following error after agreeing to the Terms of Service or whatever you'd call them:

Enter 'yes' to accept this agreement, 'no' to decline: yes
tar: Archive is compressed. Use -z option
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

[edit]: To be explicit this is the command history, short of the user creation command since it was beyond the buffer:

mkdir /usr/games/hlds_l
chown hlds /usr/games/hlds_l
chgrp nobody /usr/games/hlds_l
cd /usr/games/hlds_l
su hlds
chmod +x ./hldsupdatetool.bin && ./hldsupdatetool.bin
I got this fixed with some helpful outside comments. For the record, simply creating a symbolic link with ln -s to the gunzip utility as many SRCDS walkthroughs suggested does not work. At least not with Fedora.

What I needed to do was use YUM INSTALL NCOMPRESS making sure that the Fedora repositories were in the Yum update list. It installed the COMPRESS and UNCOMPRESS utilities successfully and the binary extracted the data successfully.

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