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help!! compiling boost library under cygwin!!
hey all ...

i am a student of bachelors of avionics engineering...

i have been assigned a certain project regarding a flight simulator design ..

for that i need to compile boost libraries under cygwin first..

getting stuck up at such an early stage of the project is quite demotivating.. plz help me!!

here is the crux of the problem :

i am unable to compile the boost libraries..

i follow the following procedure

$ cd boost_1_42_0
$ ./

$ ./bjam

it does some procedure and takes time , builds bjam .. i dont know further where the libraries are being placed.... i rele need help to get started with the project ..

according to me libraries shud be placed and compiled in


but this folder is empty and things dont work ...

plz help!!!!!
my personal email address is

i maybe of help to u aswel for aviation related stuff .. thanx

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