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Need to know how many Gameservers
Well I know the answer will be, its unknown and I will have to test it out, but I want to test peoples opinions and theories more.

Current Specs
x2 Intel Xeon 2.26 Quad-Core Processor (Nehalem)
- 12 GB of RAM
- 500 GB of Storage
- 2000 GB of Bandwidth
- Windows 2003 - 64bit

I was going to host perhaps 6-8 Gameservers per CPU BECAUSE that would make more sense to cover the cost of the server.

But now I have been told by numerous people, 1-3 Gameservers per CPU. Which is very bad news, I dont believe that can cover the cost of the ded server.

Right now I have figured that if I sell all

12 Slot CSS Servers - 150 FPS, 33 Tick
That gives me around $374.40 per month

12 * 1.30 * 8 = $374.40

But from what Im reading that will overload my CPU's and perhaps deny me the power I need to run efficiently.

So what im really asking is, on the current server specs do you believe I can run 4-6 or 6-8 gameservers per CPU without majority of Lag. Btw the Gameservers will all be HL1 and HL2 Based only. Mainly the Counter-Strike and Valve Series.

- Travis

Just a quick note I will not be exceeding 500 FPS for the Servers, while we will be doing 100 Tick Rate. I feel that 1000 FPS is just a big hogger of gameservers where as Im trying to build a quality host for my clients.
You should be fine with 6-8 server per cpu if there 12 slot 100 tick
I personally think I am going to do

7-8 Game Servers between 12-26 Slots, anything 26+ I will subtract one slot per CPU to compensate for the number of slots. But 250 FPS will be minimum and 500 FPS maximum.

- Travis
that is 7-8 Gameservers per CPU so if anyone objects please do so I can try to figure out another formula to go with, I do not want to overcharge in prices nor do I want to overload my machine but I need to make profit to pay for this server and hopefulyl enough to pay for another server.

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