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Hi, i know this may not be related to windows primarily, but iv noticed it after the last few TF2 updated that SourceTV doesnt show up on the server info any more, despite being active acording to console/hlsw.

Quote:tv_enable 1
tv_port 27026
tv_name HDTV 27026
tv_maxclients 45
tv_delay 90
tv_transmitall 1

Is my tv commands in server.cfg, which havent changed for months.

Any ideas? i know its not a big deal since tv is technically working/recording/and people can spectate, but just curious Smile
Cheers in advance Smile
sv_master_legacy_mode 1

Put that in with your STV commands & all is good.

Problem solved.
Forgot to say thanks after i saw this Smile

So....thanks man, much appreciated Big Grin

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